Collection: Neel - The Indigo Collection - Dresses

Introducing "Neel," where the timeless art of Dabu hand block printing comes alive in a captivating collection of dresses, tops, home wares, and accessories. Inspired by the rich heritage of Rajasthan and the natural beauty of indigo, "Neel" celebrates the essence of this ancient craft.

In Sanskrit, "Neel" translates to "Indigo," a color deeply rooted in the history of dyeing and printing. Our range is a tribute to this cherished hue, meticulously handcrafted with love and care. Each piece tells a story, blending traditional techniques with contemporary designs.

Our skilled artisans intricately carve wooden blocks, giving life to mesmerizing patterns inspired by nature's wonders. The motifs are then printed using a unique mud-resist mixture known as Dabu paste. Calcium hydroxide (Chuna) and gum (Gond) are the main ingredients. The clay is prepared by passing it through a fine sieve. Acacia or Babul seeds are used to make the gum, which works like a binder. A mixture of Gond ground along with mud is used to make a sticky paste. The mud resist is freshly prepared before each printing process.

Natural Dyeing and printing

After printing the cloth is dyed, using Natural Indigo. Indigo available in powder form is 80% indigo and 20% ash. The ash from burning the Babool tree is acetic, which acts as catalyst in fermentation. The powdered form of indigo is dissolved in water, boiled and left to cool down for 2-3 days. The dye bath made by dissolving lime and jaggery in water is left for 5-6 days, after which the indigo solution is poured into it.

The journey of each product creation begins with carefully chosen fabrics like cotton, silk, and wool. From flowing dresses to versatile tops, our collection reflects the spirit of effortless elegance and comfort.

But "Neel" goes beyond clothing. We extend the beauty of Dabu printing to transform your living spaces. Our home wares feature hand-printed cushion covers, table linens, and more, adding a touch of artistry to every corner of your abode.

To complete your ensemble, explore our range of accessories, including scarves, and Jewellery. Each accessory is thoughtfully designed to complement our clothing line and add a touch of unique flair to your personal style.

Join us on this journey to rediscover the beauty of Dabu hand block printing. Immerse yourself in the charm of "Neel" and embrace the timeless elegance of indigo. Explore our collection and experience the artistry, tradition, and passion that define our brand.